Are you creative?

Many of us have fallen into the trap of thinking we are not creative because we are not fine artists, sculptures or writers. Yet many of us enjoy cooking where we create a delicious meal. When we have a caring and compassionate nature we can create and build lovely friendships. If we are a home-maker the chances are we have ‘created’ a welcoming and inspiring space to live in where we welcome friends; and if we are a teacher we are creating ideas in the next generation. Even business people and entrepreneurs will be filled with innovative and inspiring ideas to share.

affirmation_creativitySpring is the perfect time to get in touch with your inner innovator and start something new like a project or hobby. Perhaps you’ve been trying to develop a healthy habit – like yoga or meditation, or creating new ways of cutting out certain foods. Being creative in the way we look after and nourish our body, mind and soul isn’t selfish – its essential. You might enjoy focussing on renovating something old and bringing new life back to something previously loved. There is a huge benefit to focussing on something new; whilst you are becoming more absorbed in a creative activity you are learning to let go of everyday stress. Not only that but you might discover talents you didn’t know you had. For example I’ve just started to ‘shabby chic’ some of my old furniture, giving it a whole new ‘old’ look. I’m enjoying it, its a relaxing diversion and a talent I never knew I had. And its something completely different from my writing, so its good for me.

On a spiritual level we all create. We are co-creators of our world. Every, thought, word and action creates the circumstances and environment in which we live. The way we focus our mind can bring negative or positive experiences. If we catch ourselves dwelling on negativity how do we feel? Yet we can stop that, re-train our thoughts and attitudes to express a more positive outlook and begin to notice how circumstances improve.There are techniques for altering our state of mind, from meditation and prayer, to walking in the park to exercising at the gym. What we choose to create in this very moment will have an effect on the entire day, and if we choose to create happy moments and joy-filled experiences we carry that as a memory in our cells as well as our mind – happy healthy memories that change our perspective and perhaps our life. Lets face it, we all create our own story, so why not make it an adventure story with a glorious and happy ending?

This Spring I’m spending lots of time ‘creating’ my new book in which there may be ideas to inspire and encourage your creativity. If you have a personal story of angelic inspiration don’t forget to drop me a line.