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The Power Of Reconciliation

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014

I was pleased to hear that William Roache, one of Britain’s most talented and enduring actors, was cleared of the charges against him this week. My publisher invited him to write a forward for my book, Gifts From Angels, back in 2011. In my correspondence with him, it was clear that he was a deeply spiritual person, a warm, kindhearted gentleman, and a consummate professional.

After the verdict in his case, William spoke to the waiting media and said quite simply, “In these situations there are no winners… we should be much kinder to ourselves.”

In that one sentence he showed both compassion for those involved in the case – his accusers as well as himself and his supporters – and offered reconciliation and hope. It led me to reflect deeply on the need for forgiveness, reconciliation and release in all our lives.

AngelInsight_Compassion2It is, sadly, in our human nature to be adversarial. We are competitive animals, evolved from the natural world of ‘fight or flight’ and so often, when things go wrong, we seek comfort for ourselves by putting blame on others. I’m not suggesting for one moment that those who do harm to others should not be held accountable or brought to justice. But in our day-to-day lives the temptation to blame others rather than take responsibility for our own actions is strong. It can destroy relationships and bring misery to all sides.

As spiritual beings, we have the power to overcome this weakness. We can, with the help of whatever God we look to, and our guides and angels, learn to offer forgiveness to those we believe have harmed us, and in doing so, begin the process of reconciliation. Blessing those around us every day, even those we do not like very much, is a powerful way of doing this. It doesn’t have to be open or out loud – just a quiet thought or moment of silence, calling on the angels to help you forgive and bring peace to any situation.

By doing this, we keep control of ourselves, begin to release our anger and move forward from whatever hurt has been done to us.

I have been getting enquiries about doing more one-to-one sessions and offering personal spiritual coaching. This is something I have always offered, but not really made a big ‘song and dance’ about.

However, for some, an hour of guidance, reflection and sharing of spiritual energy can make a huge difference and I would like to offer my knowledge and gifts to you if you feel the need for that guidance.

The purpose of your consultation may be to:

  • Discover or strengthen your personal connections with the Angelic realms
  • Find your soul purpose or life path and support you on that path
  • Gain strength and advice for dealing with personal issues and setbacks
  • Deepen your insight leading to a more fulfilling Spiritual Life.

Sessions may include self-help tools & exercises for you to continue to use after your consultation, and/or messages received through my beautiful Guardian Angel Oracle cards.

I offer a limited number of one-on-one sessions each month which take place over Skype, although I can also arrange to meet if you are in the South East of England. Consultations can be booked individually, or as a series, offering the opportunity for more ongoing spiritual growth, mentoring and support. You can even work with me each month as you progress through the home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul.

To highlight this service more widely, I’ve set up a free prize draw on my Facebook page. Simply visit the page before the end of February and enter your details and I will pick one individual for a free one-to-one consultation, which can be arranged at a time convenient to you. Or if you would like to book a session with me sooner, just visit the website or call the support team on +44 1223 969858.

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Forging Forgiveness

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013

As I watch the memorial celebrations for the life of Nelson Mandela, and read the many stories about his life, I am struck again and again by the gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation that he offered everyone his life touched. I ask myself – what can we do to remember this shining example in our world?

Here is an exercise that I provide in the home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul. Many people find this very difficult and yet are always amazed at the positive outcomes it provides. I invite you to try it this weekend.

Most of us have experienced situations where we have ‘lost touch’ with someone in our lives. We used to be friends or acquaintances, perhaps even lovers, but we haven’t spoken for many months or years. This may be because of an incident that took place in which we were hurt, or it may simply be that we ‘drifted apart’.

This exercise is very simple. Write a letter or buy a beautiful card and write a short note to the person… or if you are feeling very brave pick up the telephone one day and call that person. Simply saying: ‘I know we haven’t spoken for a long time and I am not writing/calling to try to reconcile or put things back the way they used to be, but I wanted you to know that when we were friends, I enjoyed your company, respected your views and had some wonderful times. I will always remember that.’ … and if you would like to become friends again you can add ‘I’m sorry that we lost touch’ (which gives them an opening to make contact.)

Many people react to a call or letter like this in a very positive way. Often people say things like; ‘I’ve been thinking the very same thing’ ‘That’s very brave of you’ ‘It was just as much my fault and I’m so glad you called’ ‘We parted on such bad terms that I didn’t think you would ever want to speak to me again’ ‘I remember those good times too’

Even if this doesn’t immediately lead to a reconciliation, perhaps to meet up soon or talk again, you have broken the ice that was preventing either person from considering the other. And when the reaction is negative and the other person is angry or dismissive of your call, do not be upset. You have shown YOUR compassion and opened the door for a future conversation should they ever change their attitude.

Relationships are not always forever and we do sometimes have to learn to let go and cut ties. You may feel that it is not appropriate to open the channels of reconciliation as such but by sending a note in kindness and love you are offering closure and healing to wounds that may hold bitterness. Both parties, if they wish, can move on and heal.

This is an incredibly powerful exercise for healing your own doubts and fears about the past, as well as creating opportunities for forgiveness.

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