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Body Talk

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015

Your Body is a Mirror of your Life.
You are an Energy Being.
Everything starts in your thoughts, your consciousness …

Energy follows thought, thought creates action, therefore everything that happens in your life, and within your body, starts within your consciousness. This is who you are, how you experience your ‘being’. Your experience of ‘being’ is energy which is not just in your brain, it is in every cell of your body. How you communicate with your body, through your consciousness affects every organ and every tissue. This you already know.

wisdomThroughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood, as you decide what to believe, what to accept or reject throughout life some decisions leave you with residual stress.
We absolutely know that stress affects our health. Every magazine on the bookshelf will carry a topic on stress and its affects from time to time. The interesting issue is which stress affects which part of our body. (e.g. stress associated with type “A” behaviour patterns, people who are highly competitive and work to compulsory deadlines, has been linked scientifically to heart disease.) The way you are able to cope with stress, your mental attitudes and how your consciousness is communicated throughout the body will, needless to say, affect you in the moment, but also have a lasting affect on your future health.

How we each deal with emotional stress depends on the understanding that:

  • Energy follows thought
  • Energy can be felt
  • Energy can be changed before it affects the physical body.
  • We create our reality

To many of us these statements are overly simplistic. We have known that stress is carried in the body for a long time. Science proves this. We have learned that certain areas of the body carry memory in the cells of different areas of life; such as heartache and grief in the chest and lungs, anger in the solar plexus, (liver and gall bladder) and bitterness and resentment in the joints.

We may already have an understanding of the force flows through our body, whether we think of the Chinese meridians used in Acupuncture or the Indian chakra system. In Chinese medicine the flow of energy is called ‘chi’ and in Indian ‘prana’. These ancient systems were brought to us from the eastern philosophies at the turn of the twentieth century but have become better known during the eighties and nineties with the popularity of yoga, Reiki, Thai chi, meditation etc.

This is one way of understanding how the energy circulates through our body and governs the important physical, emotional and mental well being. The vital energy centres, called Chakras (Chakra ~ pronounced with a ch sound as in church ~ is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’) are each seen as a cone shaped vortex of spinning energy from the front and back of the body. Each spins at a different speed, holds a different vibrational frequency, and relates not only to the area of the body in which it is situated, but the various sacred passages through life.

We can re-align our thoughts and energies to heal our bodies by deepening our connection with the Divine, getting to ‘know’ our angelic helpers, strengthening our spiritual practice and the regular use of affirmations such as “I am safe, happy and loved”, “I am loving and attract loving people into my life”,”Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony” and my personal favourite “I am blessed”.

(Taken from Module 4 of Educating Heart & Soul home study course)

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Sharing Heart Energy

Posted by on May 9, 2014

IMG_2486My glorious pilgrimage trip to the Holy Land has come to an end today. My mind is filled with vivid images taken from all the numerous sites we have visited and my heart has been imprinted with the many emotions experienced there.

What are the highlights and which sites will leave an indelible memory for me? Woah, how can I list them all?!

Floating in meditation in a boat on the Lake of Galilee was beautiful.The mud bathing in the Dead Sea such great fun and had many of us in fits of laughter (as long as it didn’t get in your eyes!). The solution of crystalline salts is visible in the water, and creates a density which allows us to float on the surface making it a living, re-energising experience. Brian covered his eyes with his hands and described his experience as amazing – like being in a floatation tank.

The so called ‘Dead’ Sea is actually one of the most important areas of crystalline solution in the world and acts as gigantic battery. I felt re-generated and fantastic.

As a group of Light workers, each of us has been fulfilling our reason for being here, on many levels. It has been enlightening and interesting to learn the many different pathways that brought us all together, and to listen to shared stories of great healing techniques and magical synchronicities happening every day on an individual and group basis. One or two people brought their own personal healing needs whilst others were there to serve the planet and bring their energies to the places in the Holy Land where torment and unrest still exists.

IMG_2529As I write this, everyone from the group of Earth Keeper Pilgrims is completing their goodbyes. There are a few tears as well. Not just of sadness but of joy and recognition. Some of the connections people have made have gone beyond their common interest in the Essenes and the Holy Land. There has been a heart to heart recognition of ‘soul group’, as if one has known some of these lovely people forever!

I’ve noticed that sharing hugs and exchanging email details has become part of the normal process of spiritual groups. You can say the same for any conference or gathering but in the work situation the contacts are generally shared for networking and because the person may be useful to know.

But when there is so much sharing of ‘heart energy’ and recognition of the light within, a gathering of soul groups, it is much more difficult to part. Friendships made during a spiritual retreat of any kind are deep, and often lasting. The sense of ‘family’ is strong. Not least because many of us have spent years – or even a lifetime – feeling like an ‘outsider’, misunderstood, and different. I have the honour and privilege of belonging to several groups, and, as you know, my passion and my work is to bring groups together. Whether at the Essene Summer Gathering, during an Angels Abroad retreat in Crete, or at a workshop, my personal reward is a sense of satisfaction in seeing like-minded people become connected and walk forward together in lasting friendship – and it is priceless.

IMG_2592There are more pictures here and on my Facebook page: the muddy day at the Dead Sea, Al Khazneh (‘The Treasury’) which is one of the most elaborate temples in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra (now recognised as one of the new wonders of the world), Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, and the amazing appearance on the mouldy wall of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (see if you notice anything from the photo – there was nothing visible on the wall). When I left home I asked the angels to show me the main reason for taking the trip. The word they gave me was ‘Transformation’. So, as the tour ends, my task now is to collate all my wonderful and amazing experiences and see how I can take that transformation further along my life-journey, my pilgrimage with the angels!

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